Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale

Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale

Playa del Carmen condos for sale





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Riviera Maya - Mexican Caribbean

Have you ever dreamed of living in a tropical paradise?  Have you endured harsh winters or sat in your cubicle dreaming of warm sunshine, palm trees and white sandy beaches?  Have you given up on that dream because of the rising costs of real estate? 

Playa del Carmen beaches

There are many types of condos for sale in Playa del Carmen and the average cost of a 2 bedroom condo is over $225K USD.  That’s way over the budget of many people…    The Caribbean Living community in Playa del Carmen is different.  Still close to the beach and center of town but less than half the average price!  It is the single most successful real estate development in the entire Caribbean and lets you get a condo or townhome in Paradise without breaking the bank and without sacrificing quality – there is a reason that Americans and Canadians are choosing Caribbean Living as their home in Playa del Carmen.

Don’t give up on your dream!  A home in paradise can be less than you imagined…

People come to Playa del Carmen for many different reasons…  Some are fulfilling their dream of retiring in a tropical paradise and making the most of their golden years.  Some are diversifying their investment portfolio and taking advantage of massive appreciation and great rental ROIs, while spending a couple weeks down here in paradise themselves each year.

Still others are looking to get “off the grid” a little bit and lead a much more relaxed and tranquil lifestyle than the modern life provides.  Many also love the fact that a little money goes a long way – the cost of living here is much cheaper than any metropolitan area in the United States or Canada and the lifestyle you can live on a fraction of the cost you would in the States is absolutely amazing.

Playa del Carmen Economy

Let’s talk about in Playa del Carmen condos for sale…   like I mentioned, prices for real estate in Playa have gone up considerably in the last 10 years.  As a matter of fact, we have experienced at or near double digit appreciation for the past 5 years straight.  Now, before you start thinking “oh, it’s a bubble” I want you to consider that real estate purchases by foreigners here are cash only – there is no financing available so there is no fear of a subprime meltdown or bursting bubble if the global economy takes a downswing.   A cash driven market provides your investment a great deal of security.

The second thing to consider is that hotel occupancy in the Riviera Maya averages over 80% year round. This amazing number is second in the world, only to Macau, China.  There is a direct correlation between hotel occupancy and your ability to keep your condo in Playa del Carmen producing significant income as a vacation rental.  This also keeps the prices of real estate in Playa going up, with no end in sight.

Very few investment vehicles will give you strong appreciation, great vacation rental ROI as well as a place to enjoy when you decide to take a few weeks off and visit paradise.  Whether it’s two weeks or 6 months at a time, you always know that you have your very own special place you can call your own in the Mexican Caribbean.


Caribbean Living condos for sale in Playa del Carmen
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Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale

Pool and common area at Caribbean Living condos

Now that you understand a little bit about the real estate environment in Playa, let’s talk about the Caribbean Living development and a little bit about the condos and townhomes that are available here.

First, let’s go way back and look at several of the factors that have come together to create the opportunity as it now exists.  First, the company that is building the project is one of the top 10 builders in all of Mexico by volume and have completed over 14,000 residences in the country of Mexico with this project being the very first for them in the Riviera Maya.  They purchased the land over 12 years ago while it was still jungle – a major factor in their ability to make the units so affordable.

The second major factor in their ability to keep the prices so low and the quality at American standards of construction, is the fact that through a series of events, the World Bank acquired 10% stake in the company.  This is hugely important for several reasons.  One, they are a publicly traded company – and that means public accounting, none of the under the table “Mexican accounting.”  This is NOT a fly-by-night developer.  Two, they now get a majority of their construction financing at 1% interest while every other builder in Mexico is paying 16% or more for construction financing.

With these two major factors, they are able to keep the prices low – and with the best product at this price point, it is easy to understand why this is the most successful real estate project in the entire Caribbean for several years running.

The important stuff – what’s in it for you?

Simple.  You get a condo or townhome, built to American standards of construction, right in the heart of the coolest city in the Caribbean.  With our ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING, you know exactly what you will be paying with zero extra fees or hidden costs.  These are Turn-Key condos and town homes that include everything you need, all the way down to silverware and towels.  Don’t know where to get quality furniture at the best price?  Not a problem!  Our professional interior designers will assist you in all facets of the decorating – and their services are included in the all-inclusive price.


Nobody – and I mean nobody else in Mexico has a product like this.

All the guesswork gone.  Uncertainty?  Gone.  Don’t know what appliance options are available in Mexico?  Not an issue….   Our professional, English speaking team is with you from the beginning to the very end, every step of the way.


Life in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is the crown jewel of the Riviera Maya and a tropical paradise that is only a few hours flight from anywhere in the United States or Canada.  There is simply no other place in the world that offers you this kind of convenience to home, full modern amenities and infrastructure and all while preserving the inherent and unique charm of the Mexican Caribbean.

The healthcare here is top notch, transportation is easy and the people here are super friendly.  The laid back atmosphere of Playa is miles away from the hectic lifestyle you are accustomed to, yet less than an hour drive from the Cancun International Airport where you can get nonstop flights to just about every major city in the US and Canada.

If you are a retiree, feel confident knowing the hospitals in Playa del Carmen and Cancun are first rate and you are less than an easy day travel from seeing your family and grandkids.

If you are an investor, you know that the area will continue to have amazing appreciation and rental income.  So many big things are happening in and close to Playa del Carmen that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.  DreamWorks is breaking ground on an $800 Million theme park the size of Disneyland just a couple miles north of Playa…   several major developments are in progress, including over half a billion dollars from Thor Capital alone in Playa del Carmen.  The next 10 years in Playa del Carmen are going to be spectacular and we should see major growth over the next decade, with estimates of the population doubling in less than 7 years.  Any investor knows what those kinds of projects will do to the area in terms of growth and pricing.

And if you are just looking for a place to relax and recharge your soul, or simply live a healthier and more adventurous lifestyle, Playa del Carmen has you covered.  There is a myriad of things to do here from water sports and seeing ancient Mayan ruins to eating international cuisine and exploring cenotes.

All can be done while using your condo in Playa del Carmen as a base for your life here.  Whether your life here is 2 weeks a year or 365 days, owning real estate in Playa del Carmen is a solid investment that will pay you for many years to come and in more ways than you could imagine.


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Baja 1 model – 2 bedroom condo

The entry level condo of the Caribbean Living development in Playa del Carmen is the Baja 1 floorplan.  This model features 2 spacious bedrooms and one bathroom with a kitchen, living room and dining area.  It has a laundry area and ground floor units have a large patio/garden area.




Baja 2 Model – 2 bedroom condo

The Baja 2 model condominium here at Caribbean Living is a bigger version of the Baja 1 condo.  It features 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, kitchen and dining area.  Ground floor units also feature a large patio area that can be accessed from both the master bedroom and the kitchen.  


Paradise Model Town Home – 2 bedroom, 3 full bath

The Paradise model townhome is our best-selling model.  It is an attached, 2 level town home with 2 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.  At over 1000 sq ft, it features incredibly spacious bedrooms, a huge living room, and an open floorplan with a large kitchen and tons of cupboard and counter space.  

What Our Clients are Saying

Dont just take our word
testimony p

Russell and Kari B.

This was our first time buying a home in a foreign country and to be honest we were a little scared.  It turns out to be the best decision we have ever made.  Our townhome here in Playa del Carmen is now our home for 6 months out of the year and we simply couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to everyone at American Realty for helping us to really understand the ins and outs of buying real estate in a foreign country.

-Russell and Kari B.


Tom and Lisa R.

Everyone we dealt with from sales to interior design were very professional and knowledgeable…  They took their time to explain every step and were patient with our last minute design changes.   We were amazed at how smooth everything went and would recommend anyone wanting to get an amazing home in Playa del Carmen on a budget.

-Tom and Lisa R.