Caribbean Living

We have been in the real estate game in Playa del Carmen since 2005

What is Caribbean Living? It is a Lifestyle, Here we call it the “Playa Life”​

Here at American Realty
we operate by a few simple rules

Provide value to our clients

That means make sure they are protected at all times in the transaction and make sure they are the owners of what they are intending to buy.

Provide value in the form of consulting

We are experts, and sharing our years of experience with you will help you make the best decision you can.


We are offering the most accessible prices in Playa, in the best neighborhood.

These prices will go up. Buy now or tell the story for decades of what could have been.


playa del carmen condos

There are a lot of projects that do not do things right. Are not connected to the drainage systems. Pollute or do not take the environment into account. This project does and we are very proud of it.


This is a place you can live and your family can spend time in without having to worry.


Let's be real for a minute. Lots of places lost their minds over the last two years. Playa has taken a very relaxed approach. No one here judges you for wearing (or not wearing) a mask. The Caribbean just has too much more to occupy our time.


We are privy to information that has not been announced yet, but major events are happening that will make prices go up pretty significantly in the future. Nearly all of our new owners are buying to make their lives better, but it does feel good to know the investment is getting more valuable.

This project is today

Buy today

enjoy today

So many are selling on plans and promises. We dont like to do that. These units exist today. The neighborhood is finished. We do not have to rely on things happening and the unknown throwing a wrench in the plans.


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