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About Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is surrounded by jungle and incredible beaches, but it is also a hub for international shopping and urban recreation. In the Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue) in Downtown Playa, you will find everything you need: shops, restaurants, pubs, liveshows, boutiques, banks and malls.

The Quinta Alegría is a semi open-air mall located in the Heart of Quinta Avenida, containing many international shops and venues such as Starbucks, Apple Store, American Eagle and Forever 21. This high-end mall is filled with lush vegetation. In turn, if you are looking for upscale shopping, Calle Corazón has shops such as Michael Korrs and Lacoste; as well as stores like H&M and Sephora.

Downtown Playa del Carmen offers a great nightlife too! A more calm option are the hotel pubs by the seashore. Having a night cocktail with the fresh breeze and the warm sand just feels amazing. Nevertheless, for the night owls, there are more intense options, such as Coco Bongola Santanera or Mandala.



One of the Hallmarks of Playa del Carmen is Parque Fundadores. Located at the South-end of Quinta Avenida, this square was the center of the village in the 1950s, from which the founders of the city got to expand to today’s Playa del Carmen. In this park, there is a voladores de Papantla tower, where everyday Mayan people do a traditional ritual involving acrobatics.

In addition, the Parque Fundadores square is where many film festivals, concerts, and other major events are held. Last, you can find a 50 ft statue, representing men and women reaching each other in a whirlwind.

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Quinta Avenida - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Quinta Alegría - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Zenzi Playa del Carmen - Downtonwn

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