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Is Playa del Carmen Safe?

If you are thinking about moving to Mexico, you probably are wondering if Playa del Carmen is safe for you and your family. That is an absolutely legitimate question, and in Caribbean Living we are delighted to give you answers.

How safe is Playa del Carmen?

The Yucatan Peninsula, where Playa del Carmen is located, is the safest area in Mexico, according to the US Department of State. The region stands out as a place where there is much less violence and there is a general sense of being free from dynamics that affect the rest of the country Playa del Carmen itself is a considerable safe city, where you can walk at night, use ATMs, raise children and make a normal life without problems.

A few people point that there have been incidents in the city, and that is true. Nevertheless, the number is incredibly smaller to the rest of Mexico, and it does not involve locals or tourists, but rather drug cartels fighting each other.

Safest Areas in Playa del Carmen

The safest areas in Playa del Carmen are definitely the gated communities, such as Real Ibiza, Real Bilbao, or Grand Coral. All of these private communities have their own private security and facilities for the residents.

The most famous gated community in Playa del Carmen is Playacar, which is a large community where residential spaces are in communion with the natural environment. Playacar has its own beach, jungle, Mayan ruins, cenotes, exotic wildlife, golf course, and tennis courts. Entry to this community is guarded 24 hours.

Playacar - Is Playa del Carmen Safe?
One of the streets in Playacar

Testimonies from other expats

Thanks to the Internet, there are numerous testimonies from expats who live here about how Playa del Carmen is safe for locals, expats and tourists. In online communities such as Expats in Playa del Carmen, these are some of the reactions of people when asked about it:

  • “Been living here for 7 years. Never felt safer”.
  • “I’m also currently living in playa and especially as a young woman I’ve never felt unsafe yet. The people here are more friendly than in my hometown 😄”
  • “Very spooky and drugs rain from the sky”. [the person was being ironic].
  • “We lived in Playa for 3 months and felt very safe. Just like anywhere else, there are places you don’t go to.”
  • “My wife and I love PDC. Never felt in danger ever!!!
  • “It’s like anywhere else, I use my phone in public. I go to Juarez, Constituyentes, del Sol just use common sense. Don’t let people scare you! 🙏 welcome

A word from our team

We sent Scott to the beach of Playa del Carmen to tell us just a bit more about the safety here. Here’s the clip, and see you soon!

For more information…

Our team is happy to help you with any orientations related to Playa del Carmen, from what neighborhoods are the safest to what is the best Japanese restaurant in the area. Just book a 30-min call with us and you’re all set. See you!

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