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What’s life like in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19?

In a world of lockdowns, closed businesses, and uncertainty, many are looking for the lucky spot to disconnect from that frenzy. For a week, for a month, or forever. Among them, Playa del Carmen happens to be a good option. So, the due question is, what’s life like in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19?

We are open

Unlike many places, Playa del Carmen is very much open, both for businesses and people. We don’t have a lockdown, we have a very small number of active cases and our curve is almost flat.

When you come to Playa, you will find open: 

What’s life like in Playa during COVID-19

How does that translate that to our daily life? Here’s a more detailed view of our day-to-day life in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19:

playa del carmen during covid-19 at the street

On the street

You can wear a mask, but you don’t have to. You are free to decide what you’ll do outdoors.

shopping at the mall or supermarket in playa del carmen during covid-19

At the mall or a supermarket

There’s a small checkpoint at the entrance: the staff will screen your temperature, and you will have to wear a mask inside. Past that checkpoint, you can do your shopping freely.

At coffee shops, restaurants and clubs

You can go normally. Most screen the temperature at the entrance, and that is all. To ensure the place is safe for you, they are usually well ventilated and leave some tables empty. 

Knowing how other places are having very tight restrictions on restaurants (such as takeaway-only), I feel very lucky to still be able to go to my favorite ramen place, drink cocktails at the beach club or meet a friend for brunch.

What's life like in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19 - beach

At the beach

You can go normally, as long as you keep a healthy distance of 6 feet. Enjoy!

at the movie theater - playa del carmen during covid-19 what's life like

At the movie theater

You can still go. Movie theaters are leaving empty spaces between their attendants, to ensure safety. Besides, they also sanitize the rooms from one session to another. In my case, I have actually gone many times this year, and the place is very well taken care of. 

Want to know more? check what’s happening in Playa del Carmen on our sister website, All About Playa.

Reporting from the Fifth Avenue

We sent Scott to Playa del Carmen’s Fith Avenue to show us a teaser of what it feels to be in Playa del Carmen during COVID-19. Here’s the clip:

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