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Are Playa del Carmen taxis safe?

People from the US, Canada and Europe always have this question when they travel around Latin America, and Playa is no exception. Are Playa del Carmen taxis safe? Am I in danger if I take a cab? Should I call an Uber instead? Your fears and questions are normal and understandable. Never worry, the answers are simple and below.

Taxis in Playa del Carmen are safe BUT.

Yes! It is perfectly safe to take a taxi in Playa del Carmen. They are a well-established sector and have a good, reliable, and economic service. However, there are a few measures that will help you have the best service possible.

  • There are a lot of taxi ranks where taxis gather, especially in the city center. These are as safe as the rest, but they are considerably more expensive, as they have been waiting in line with other taxis to get customers in a highly crowded place. This is understandable and might be comfortable on occasion, but it’s not what you would like to do on a regular basis.
  • There are taxi companies that you can reach through Whatsapp, offer extra trust, good rates, and 24-hour availability. Below in this article, I tell you which ones I suggest you could use.

Don’t miss our General Guide to Playa del Carmen, available for you in a PDF file, so you can access it offline while you’re around the city.

What about Uber, Lyft, Didi or Cabify in Playa del Carmen?

As of today, none of these apps are established in Playa del Carmen. Mostly, because they are not needed. Taxis are safe and really inexpensive compared to most places in Europe, the US, or Canada.

These modern app-based services might arrive in the future, but for now, Whatsapp-based taxis are a very good and effective alternative.

Trustworthy Taxi Companies in Playa del Carmen

Before I give you the list, these are not companies that we have audited as an inspector would. They are the companies that I use and trust regularly, or the ones that my friends use and trust. As we have been using them for more than a year, we can tell you that our experience with them is great.

I always call SI Taxi

They are a group of taxi drivers from Misión del Carmen (a neighborhood in the city center), which are super friendly and available 24/7. When you write to them, you can either schedule a taxi for a particular time or ask them to send it right away. I have written to them at all possible hours of the day, and they have always given me a good swift service.

Tel: (+52) 984 312 1492
Facebook: SI TAXI.

Taxi Exclusivo Playa del Carmen

This is the option my friend Tyra uses. As a woman, she feels safe calling them in the night to take them home, and she strongly recommended them to me for the same reason. Besides that, they offer safe transportation to the Cancun International Airport, as well as pet transportation (always appreciated).

Tel: (+52) 984 806 3130
Facebook: Taxi Exclusivo

Radio Taxi

Radio Taxi is the service Adriano trusts regularly. They are super punctual, effective, and friendly. They regularly sanitize their cars, so they are a safer option for their clients in terms of COVID-19 protocols. Besides that, you can trust them to take you to the airport at 5:00 AM in the morning, as they will be at your door at exactly 5:00 AM (or earlier).

Tel. (+52) 984 316 3752
Facebook: Radio Taxi Playa


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